Welcome to Condemned to Combat Volume 12. Let's get psychotic. click to download 1982: Skinhead Glory by Iron Cross from D.C. (and/or Arlington, VA)One of, if not the, first US skinhead bands. The featured track here is Psycho Skin, but this EP also includes the absolute anthem Crucified For Your Sins. Probably better known as... Continue Reading →

The Best Of The Worst

Condemned to Combat 2020. Welcome to the future. It's gonna suck. It's the first edition of C2C for the new decade, and I'm pourin' it on thick. This is The Best Of The Worst: So here's a heavy dose of the music you love to hate. Chronologically (as usual) we start with Kicker Boys self-titled... Continue Reading →

Into the Gray Zone!

Blurring the lines and taking the piss. Here's three records from three bands drawing fans from both sides of that timeless divide. Bewildering the politicians and leaving you wondering what side of the contrived fence they're walking on. We'll ride each wave of Oi! in this post. This is Condemned to Combat; get comfy in... Continue Reading →


In this post I bring you some bands that didn't make the Oi! Canon, but deserve their place in the company of the better-known legends. (This post could go on for a week, but here's a handful to get started. Maybe there'll be a sequel.) Whether these bands didn't achieve the notoriety of their contemporaries... Continue Reading →

Axe and Sword

One day a bunch of Dutch Oi! vets got together and said: Fuck the bullshit. Let's make a Fortress worship band! And that band is Live By The Sword. click to download Eschewing the Dutch Oi! sound (yeah, that's a thing) LBTS plays heavy mid-tempo jams with vocals belted out nice and gravelly - like... Continue Reading →

All About Class

Here's a couple of Oi! punk bands throwin' it down 90's style. I'm not sure what it is about Jersey - something in the water, or maybe something in the beer - but Jersey Oi! is consistently some of the best. Both of these recordings are compilations of the work of the respective bands. And... Continue Reading →

Act Casual

Here's some jams for the football hooligans - East meets West. And I get the feeling these two bands might get in a rumble. Personally I don't give a shit about footie, futbol, soccer, or any other kinda sportsball. But if the outrageous violence screaming from these two casual crews is what it's all about,... Continue Reading →

Yellow & Blue

If this pretty much sums up your knowledge of Sweden then enrich your cultural understanding and check out the kick ass Swedish Oi! below. click to download If you see a red flag tear it down / 'Cuz we hate the reds / We want to see our nation free / 'Cuz we're all skinheads... Continue Reading →

Stronger Than Before

This is Condemned to Combat, back and stronger than before. After a great public outcry and the clamoring of the shaven headed legions, I have returned to dish out more of the world's worst music. Up first is the last full length record (I think) by Concrete Elite from Texas (I think). These guys first... Continue Reading →

One Shot One Kill

Today I'm bringing you a trio of EP's from three bands that only released one record a piece. I suppose there are various reasons for their respective lack of output. But despite the bands' limited discographies, each of these short records dish out an absolute sonic beat down. Real Oi! is alive and kickin'! Let's... Continue Reading →

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