Into the Gray Zone!

Blurring the lines and taking the piss. Here’s three records from three bands drawing fans from both sides of that timeless divide. Bewildering the politicians and leaving you wondering what side of the contrived fence they’re walking on. We’ll ride each wave of Oi! in this post. This is Condemned to Combat; get comfy in the Gray Zone.

Recorded in 1988 and 1989, this record was originally intended for release on The Oppressed‘s record label. (The label went under before the record could be pressed.) Think about that while you’re jamming songs like American & Proud or Us Against Them. Ahh, the good old days. Best Defense were from PA and sounded like DYS playing American Oi! Six Gun Justice finally got released in 1998 on Pure Impact.

Outta Detroit we’ve got Hated & Proud. Let Freedom Reign from 2001 was their only legitimate record, but quite a bit of other music by them is floating around out there. (I have some of that too, so if you want it just say so.) H&P were rough and ready Oi! Low brow, catchy, and killer. Spirit of ’89 let’s you know what it’s all about. The band broke up in 2003. (I’m sure that cover art was still edgy at the time.)

Closing it out we’ve got Offensive Weapon from New York. 2014’s The Nightmare Returns was their final record before calling it quits. NYHC-infused Oi! with palpable NYC swagger. There’s pounding drums and infectious metallic guitar licks in there to go along with some seriously pissed vocals. Much attitude, much aggression, much fuckin’ Oi!

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