In this post I bring you some bands that didn’t make the Oi! Canon, but deserve their place in the company of the better-known legends. (This post could go on for a week, but here’s a handful to get started. Maybe there’ll be a sequel.) Whether these bands didn’t achieve the notoriety of their contemporaries because of lack of record output, short lifespan, or other causes – I can’t say. Whatever the reasons for their relative obscurity, the following bands delivered some mandatory brickwall noise.

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Salvaged from demos recorded between ’86 and ’89 and resurrected by the infamous American Defense Records, this is Knights of Freedom by Bad Rep. File this between Anti-Heros and Youth Defense League. Little known but classic, Bad Rep was a kick ass South Florida Oi! band. Check ’em out.

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Another Man’s Poison and their essential record Howsa ‘Bout That! on the Helen of Oi! label, circa 1994. A superb British Oi! band from Cambridgeshire that can easily stand alongside The Business and the 4 Skins. A.M.P. played high energy, witty, double-time Oi! rock ‘n’ roll. This band deserves every Oi!sters attention. Why they aren’t included on every best-of-greatest-oi!-whatever-the-fuck compilation is a goddamn mystery.

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Last but sure as hell not least it’s Brass TacksJust the Facts. This one is from 1999 on Beer City Records and Skateboards. The first time I heard this record it blew my fucking socks off. I mean it blew my boots off, blew my socks off, and then blew my boots back onto my feet and I kicked my own head in. Brass Tacks are bonafide Wisconsin hooligans. They go hard, they go fast, they go downright mean and ugly. It’s nasty skinhead rock ‘n’ roll, and it’s solid Oi! gold. Just the Facts pretty much destroys any other record from the 90’s in terms of sheer power and aggression. It’s a megalith of American Oi! that stands on its own. Beer City re-released this record in 2015 as a 15th Anniversary edition. The Rose Tattoo and Skrewdriver covers were replaced with some tracks from the earlier The Good Life EP, so it seemed like a square deal. The only conceivable reason this isn’t in everyone’s Absolute Juggernauts of Oi! file is that everyone is plain fucking dumb. Download it!

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