Axe and Sword

One day a bunch of Dutch Oi! vets got together and said: Fuck the bullshit. Let’s make a Fortress worship band! And that band is Live By The Sword.

click to download

Eschewing the Dutch Oi! sound (yeah, that’s a thing) LBTS plays heavy mid-tempo jams with vocals belted out nice and gravelly – like late 90’s RAC minus the politics. Live By The Sword put out this self titled record in 2018. They had a couple of singles prior to that, and there’s supposed to be a full length released some time soon. All of their records are on Rebellion. These boys get it, and this record stomps. Grab it!

click to download

And now the original article. Fortress‘s self titled debut record from the glory days of 1992. This band from down under set the standard for the second wave of RAC, putting a heavy metal edge to the garage rock sound of the first wave. An iconic piece of skinhead music from the immortal Rock-O-Rama Records. Download this one, and check out both records. If you don’t hear the Fortress sound in Live By The Sword then I guess you’ve got shit in your ears.

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