DEMOlition, Man.

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We now return to our regular broadcast of Condemned to Combat:

DEMOlition, man!

Yesssss! We’re back! We’re back!

You wanted real men? That’s why we’re here again.

Won’t hear it on the radio. Won’t see it on TV. This is Condemned to Combat: Real Oi! and R.A.C.

Yeah, man! I’m pumped, man. I’m psyched. Are you, man? Yeah you are! It’s C2C Volume 14. It’s DEMOlition, man. I missed last month’s edition, so this one’s gonna come hard. Have a shit load of stompin’ Oi! demos. Let’s go!

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First up is a classic of US Oi! American Eagle‘s 1989 Demo. These tracks are from the 2015 re-edition on the mighty United Riot Records. A timeless demo that speaks for itself. If you don’t know this one your US Oi! knowledge is sadly lacking. This shit slams! Get it.

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What’s that? Brutal, creepy British Oi! recorded lo-fi “necro” style? Hell yeah. I’ll take it. It’s Not Dead Yet from Leed’s Battalion. This is either their third demo tape or their debut cassette EP from 2017. Whatever it is it’s nasty and it jams. All of that was released by the fucked up, underground label Anti Social Kultur England [A.S.K.E.]. Dig it.

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Next we got another throw back with more classic US Oi! This one is the original 1988 demo from Brute Force. Get ready for some serious demolition here with bare knuckle, brick wall American Oi! Underground icons Brute Force are emblematic of this edition of C2C, having never put out a proper record. They had this classic and followed it up with two even more obscure demo tapes. Jump on this with both boots.

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It’s Condemned to Combat and we’re backing up force with fucking force. Shit’s getting ugly with Denver’s Combat Force. It’s 4 Skins meets 86 Mentality meets a trash compactor. This is the original 2017 demo tape of CF‘s vitriolic brand of raw Oi!core which was later pressed to vinyl by mysterious Youth Attack Records. Their debut EP was released this year by Youth Attack as well. Why is it on Youth Attack? Nobody knows.

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Trudging onward – In alphabetical order. You figured that out by now, right? – it’s the East Pittsburgh Demos by Fascine. A 2019 cassette release from the unobtainable American Defense Records. Crunchy, American garage Oi! with a hint of neo-folk in there. It’s weird but it works. Think, act, and try not to get consumed by this overwhelming demo.

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Get ready to ruck with First Assault‘s Demo 2012. These Aussies are the outliers on this edition of C2C as they put out a couple of cleaned up, legit records after this earlier demo. Those records were solid, but I always appreciated the frantic aggression of this tape more than anything else. Demolish your ears with this ferocious down under Oi!

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Intense, hideous, Oi! flavored hardcore from Hate Order on Abnormal Broadcasting. From 2018, self titled cassette release or demo tape? Who knows? They did another split/tour tape with some other hardcore band… I wanna say Sunk. Anyway, this one here is a belligerent, primal earful of ugly noise. Smash your armor helmet open on this.

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Suit up for fast paced Canadian meat head Oi! It’s Honour Guard out of Ottawa with their 2017 demo tape Ever Onward released by LSC Records. Crank it up, pound a Molson or whatever, and slam through the wall. Look at that fuckin’ cover art. You know what it’s about!

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Now you’re gonna get your ears pounded with Five Tracks by Klout. More Oi! tinged hardcore with a major chip on its soldier. Hailing from loud and angry South Florida, Klout is gruff, tough, and aggro. Originally a self released 2016 demo tape, this was reissued jointly by Not For You Recordings and Hardware Records. Yeah, that’s a peace sign on the cover. I always thought peace signs were for hippies. But this tape makes hippies cry.

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At this point it’s probably clear that the hardcore scene had something of a brief love affair with the stomping sounds of Oi! sometime between 2015 and 2020. Whether or not it’s a legitimate fusion of subgenres or phony imitation is debatable. But either way that short stretch of time produced quite a few ripping roughneck demos. Tyrant‘s self titled 7″ released by Adult Crash may typify that current best. This Copenhagen four piece is punishing and delivers the Oi!core sound with expertise. Maybe it’s not a demo, but it’s the only record they put out. And in 3 tracks they demolish everything standing and throw you in the dumpster to be hauled to the landfill.

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We’re gonna finish strong with Austin Texas’s Ultras. This 2016 demo fucking goes. Displaying their US Oi! chops and demonstrating their style, Ultras dish out a furious EP’s worth of bludgeoning patriotic tunes on this rough and ready demo recording. Bizarrely released by the black metal label Knife Vision, and then a second time by the Russian Street Rock Music. For fans of Oxblood or any violent second wave American Oi! Don’t miss this one.

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