Welcome to Condemned to Combat Volume 12. Let’s get psychotic.

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1982: Skinhead Glory by Iron Cross from D.C. (and/or Arlington, VA)
One of, if not the, first US skinhead bands. The featured track here is Psycho Skin, but this EP also includes the absolute anthem Crucified For Your Sins. Probably better known as a staple of Agnostic Front sets, the song is an Iron Cross original. The band went in a different (shitty) direction after their 1980’s records, but those first two EPs set a standard for the US Oi! sound and stand solid today.

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1989: The First Assault by White Noise from somewhere in Australia
This was the first record by this short lived and relatively unknown RAC/Oi! band, and really the only legitimate one. Their second record, Reckless Aggression, is the namesake of the even shorter lived Melbourne hardcore/Oi! band. And I’m fairly certain this LP is the eponymous source of another Australian Oi! band’s name. So clearly they were influential down under. They had two subsequent releases after this one, but both contained very little new material and were mostly live tracks, covers, and unreleased demos. Nonetheless, White Noise goes ape shit bogan bootboy style and this record kills it. The featured track is Psycho. But you might as well include Paranoid and Sick Mind under the same heading. Real psycho skinhead music here.

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2005: The Best OfCondemned 84 from Ipswich, UK
Comprised of tracks taken from records released between 1986 and 2003 (I think), the featured song on this one is Psycho, originally released on the Storming to Power LP in 1992. Condemned 84 really needs no introduction. If you’re unfamiliar with these titans of Oi! just download this shit and put it In Yer Face.

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2009: Lean Mean Street Machine by Rust from Sydney, Australia
Get some fuckin Oi! Oi! Aussie Rock ‘n’ Roll and check the featured tune Female Japanese Psycho Killer. These boys are fast, loud, and dirty like Rose Tattoo meets Red Alert. Blast this one full throttle.

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2016: Violent Society by Hostile Minds from Plymouth, UK
Hostile Minds is a band that was sort of found washed up on the shore after that 3rd wave of Oi! crashed. Psychopath is the featured track again here. I can’t say I’ve listened to any of their later records, but on this one at least Hostile Minds was keeping British Oi! alive and angry. Same Old Shit – nothing fancy. You know what to expect.

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2016: Short Cuts (Compilation) by The Brass from Brooklyn, NY
This compilation is basically their first two EPs put together, minus one song. And whad’ya know – a cover of Iron Cross‘s Crucified. The featured song Psychopath was originally released on the Rugged Cross cassette EP in 2015. Rugged Cross is by far my favorite release from The Brass. The sound on that EP was trudging, pummeling, and well – fuckin rugged. In fact, this Psychopath track was the inspiration for this entire edition of Condemned to Combat. Feel the psychotic aggression oozing from your speakers.

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2018: Tape #2 / 4 Songs by The Stance from Boston, MA
The Stance is a bit of an oddball band. They put a kinda ragged, blown out spin on bovver rock. Granted this release (and their first) are on tape, but they leave you wondering if it’s just demo recording quality you’re hearing or if they want it to sound that way. They put out a self titled EP in 2019 that had cleaner sound, but they kept that raw edge. It’s weird, and it stomps. Apropos of the finale, check out the featured Another Song Called Psychopath.

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