Condemned2Combat Volume 24

Alas and alack, me droogies. The mothership has been despoiled by the scurrilous minions of corporate rapacity demanding their pound of flesh. is no more. But the battle rages on. Always fight and never die. Condemned to Combat rallies to the banner. And still other irons are in the fire, forged to fearsome hardness: new projects are in the offing. Stay tuned for the latest manifestations of the violence in my mind, and keep your ears peeled for the sounds of distant gunfire. In the meantime, span the ages of skinhead cacophony and ear-chew these gristly noise-chunks.

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Almighty Lumberjacks of Death – Always Out of Control But Never Out of Beer

1989 // Detroit // Punk, Garage Rock, Oi!

Raucous drunk punk featuring early stylings of the Mighty Scruff.

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Nordic Thunder – Born to Hate

1993 // Delaware // US RAC

First record from absolute titanic American RAC. Favorite tracks: United White & Proud; Born to Hate; We’ll Overcome

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Division S – Attack

1994 // Sweden // Viking Rock, RAC

Debut full length plus 4 bonus tracks taken from the previous split record with Bully Boys. Favorite Tracks: Attack; Under Jolly Roger; Final Battle

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White Riot – Victory

1994 // Toronto // Hardcore, RAC

Demo/Cassette EP with the too-bad-ass-for-the-UK cover art intact. This recording is basically what happened after Canada hardcore band Negative Response, if you’ve ever heard that…

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Pluton Svea – Pitbull Power

1998 // Sweden // RAC

Rock solid offering from the best known band of Swedish die hard Jocke Karlsson. This EP was recently re-issued by Midgard Records.

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Legittima Offesa – Giorno Per Giorno

1999 // Bologna, Italy // Oi!, RAC

Noisy, gritty Oi! done Italian style – as only Italian skins can do it. Stay tuned for the hidden track to get one seriously infectious funk jam.

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Aggressive Force – S/T

2000 // Orange County, CA // US RAC

Fits the description precisely. Turn of the century, So Cal, RAC. Gets it, then gets it, then gets it some more. Favorite Tracks: Leading the Way, WP Skinheads, Securing What’s Sacred

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Battle Zone – Arson Around with Matches

2000 // Essex, UK // British RAC

Basically a post-humous compilation of recordings from somewhere in the neighborhood of 1989-90. Favorite Tracks: We Will Play On; Way of Death; Right to March

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Crucial Change – American Made

2005 // Seattle // Oi!, Street Rock

This is a band that has always tweaked my noodle. They started out straightforward with a standard US Oi! skinhead sound I could get down to. It seemed kinda gray zone at first, but as their subsequent releases came out they either got stagnant or more boring or both. I remember an interview where Skullhead was cited as an influence. But as time went on the lyrical content and the aesthetic got more and more different, until their last album (2018’s The Fire Next Time) came across as distinctly commie to me. So I don’t know. It’s a thinker. This is their only record I can jam without scratching my head too much.

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Open Season – Behind Enemy Lines

2011 // Sydney, Australia // RAC, Hard Rock

Burly, brutish RAC Aussie style. On a misison and always ready to blast loud. Favorite Tracks: Kommando; We Ain’t Playing; White Boy

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Violent Knights – Demo

2011 // Des Moines, IA // US Oi!

A kick ass 2 track demo from a band that, as far as I can tell, only recorded this. Demo quality in the best way.

Wear your boots – wear your braces – shave your head… Smash faces!

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March or Die – The Lion Roars Again

2017 // Yorkshire, UK // British Oi!, RAC, Hard Rock

Heavy hitting UK RAC, like a beefed up Close Shave. Gets under your skin after a few listens. Favorite Tracks: Storm, Street Warfare, Combat the Nation

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Brotherhood: Save Water Drink Beer

2020 // VA Compilation // Oi!, Punk, RAC, etc.

Last up is a recent compilation that’s all over the map. As the title suggests it’s a comp for drinking songs. If I was 21 again it might’ve been a go-to record, but these days it ain’t my thing. So four songs in on my first listen the female vocals were about to push me over the edge and I was just about to shit can it. And then came Slaghammer with Beer from Bottles and turned the whole thing around. Other notable appearances include Oi! Beer! Alles! by unknown, totally out of control, possibly Italian band Oi! Beer! Alles!, a BFG and Mistreat combo tune, Get the Beer In by Exxtrem, and a Bound for Attack track. Something for everyone, or maybe nothing for nobody.

Hopefully this smorgasbord will hold you over until next time. As I said, I have other projects in the works, and I may or may not be back with more c2c. Check back periodically for the latest intel. Til then you can reach me at

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