Cranked Up Really High!

Condemned 2 Combat: Volume 22

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Condemned to Combat is proud to present our first ever bootleg record. We have collaborated with the fine lads of Wellington Arms from Chicago, and present this digital bootleg in anticipation of their upcoming full length LP as well as their soon to come split record with Birthrite. Wellington Arms get it revved up with high voltage full throttle skinhead rock ‘n’ roll. And if you know anything about c2c then you know that’s the shit that runs wide fuckin’ open! On these 12 tracks you’re gonna get blue eyed soul for the backstreet battalion with turned up tempo and high T. Not only do you get WA‘s last record – Prologue from 2018 – in it’s entirety, but you’ll also find 4 bonus tracks to get you salivating for their next release. These tunes are rough and ready, and they had me hooked right away. There’s the working class grit in songs like Hey Man and Freedom and Opportunity. The pride and glory on tracks like Tomorrow We Win and We’re Not Scared. The epic, anthemic, pourin’ it all out sound of We Are November Men and I Hear the Lions Roar. A Slaughter and The Dogs cover? Oh yeah! A fuckin Boxtops cover!? That’s right! Wellington Arms red lines it all over and spins all the blazing licks, pounding intensity, and brickwall punk rock swagger into a smoking heap. It’s the perfect storm to inaugurate the Condemned to Combat Bootleg. So jam on this until you can put your calloused claws on the Wellington Arms‘ next piece of wax. Get Cranked Up Really High!

Lastly and most importantly, this Bootleg is dedicated to Pete Mistro, brother and bassist of Wellington Arms, who passed away last fall. The following brief band bio is from Nate, drummer of WA:

The band has been going since the fall of 2008 or so. I didn’t start playing drums with Eric till 2011. Since then the 3 consistent members have been Eric on guitar/vocals , Pete on bass, and myself playing drums and helping with vocals when I can. We’ve had a few line up changes over the years but really the only other guy worth mentioning is our old guitar player Paul that played with us for a few years. 
Though there’s currently only two official releases. 2008’s EP Living in Amerika demo released on This Means War Records and The Prologue compilation which was a self release consisting of some of the better studio songs we’ve recorded over the years. We’re on a few compilation albums most recently an album called “Struggle To Exist” a charity release to help the Boers in South Africa.  There’s also another  EP released by some Czech Republic guys but it is absolutely awful. 
Currently there’s a split EP with Birthrite finished and getting mastered as we speak. I believe it’s going to be released on Rebel Records.  Sadly our bass player and one of our best friends Pete died last fall. Those will be the last 2 songs recorded with him on bass. 
We’re almost done with our first proper full-length album as well. The drums are finished now, we’re just waiting for Eric to put the final touches on it and send it off to get mixed and mastered. 
As for now Eric and I are gonna keep doing what we can do with the band. It’s gonna be extremely hard continuing without Pete on bass. More so because he was truly a brother and it feels empty without him. 

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