Act Casual

Here’s some jams for the football hooligans – East meets West. And I get the feeling these two bands might get in a rumble. Personally I don’t give a shit about footie, futbol, soccer, or any other kinda sportsball. But if the outrageous violence screaming from these two casual crews is what it’s all about, I might start feeling pretty casual too. (No, poser. It’s not Old Firm.)

First up it’s The Warlords representing LA and the West Coast. Straight up stomping American Oi! in our time honored tradition. If you don’t really know what that sounds like just download it immediately or get the fuck off my blog. This is the real shit right here. The image displayed is not for the record you’ll download from the link. I uploaded a copy of their demo which was released a few years prior to the EP pictured. It doesn’t really have any cover art that I could find, and even if it did I doubt it would be half as fucking rad as this shit. The demo has a couple of different songs, plus I liked the demo versions better than the re-recordings on the EP. Blast this noise while you jump up and down on an overturned car!

In the opposing corner we’ve got Venganza Tatuada representing NYC and the East Coast. Just for the sake of continuity, here’s some more cover art that doesn’t match what you get in the download link. Except this time it’s the demo art in place of the cover art for the self-titled full length. Now this record was released this year, so I normally wouldn’t upload something that’s still new. But I’ve got two excuses: 1. It’s not on vinyl yet, so what do you expect? Of course it’s gonna be ripped right away. And 2. This record goes so fucking hard it had to be featured on C2C! Pure brickwall Oi! dished out in the style of those New York titans we all know and love. Half this record is in Spanish. I’m far from fluent, but when the opening track spits out lines like “Cien por ciento anti communista!” you’re speaking my language. Throw in about 246 chants of Skin! Head! and cap it off with a Fortress cover, and you’ve got one bone crushing ball busting US Oi! record that needs to be getting a helluva lot more hype. Go buy a real copy from United Riot Records.

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