And Now For Something Completely Different

The ban is lifted and justice has prevailed! C2C is back to do what we do best. So have some more of that same awful noise: fuckin Oi! Kick it off! Battle Ruins (Massachusetts, USA) - Glorious Dead (2018) click to download Evil Conduct (Roermond, Netherlands) - King of Kings (2007) click to download First... Continue Reading →

The Sound

What is Oi! ? Is it punk rock? Of course. Is it a subgenre of punk? I think not. With a distinct history and evolution of it's own - albeit one that developed in parallel to other veins of punk - Oi! is an entity all it's own. Oi! takes what it wants from punk... Continue Reading →

The Best Of The Worst

Condemned to Combat 2020. Welcome to the future. It's gonna suck. It's the first edition of C2C for the new decade, and I'm pourin' it on thick. This is The Best Of The Worst: So here's a heavy dose of the music you love to hate. Chronologically (as usual) we start with Kicker Boys self-titled... Continue Reading →

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